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3 NYC Job Resources You Don't Know About

As the economy remains in its sluggish state, unemployed folks have the arduous task of competing with literally thousands of other applicants for too few job openings. Even those that have exemplary resumes, backed with years of experience and a flurry of impressive references, find that they don’t even get a call back for an interview. In most cases, resumes are sent out and one wonders whether it was even seen. In such a desperate and competitive job market, being ‘in the know’ about job resources that others possibly don’t know about can mean the difference between getting a job or not.

New York City remains one of the toughest and most competitive cities for job hopefuls to land employment and these three resources that you don’t know about could possibly change your employment outlook in 2013.

This is a website dedicated to helping unemployed folks obtain gainful employment within the government sector. It’s no secret that scoring a government job comes with a lot of perks; namely government jobs typically offer pristine job security that is absent in other realms of employment, typically pay higher wages than the private sector and because the openings are vast, lateral and promotional movement is common.

To utilize this site to its fullest extent you are required to register for an account which is easy and takes only a few minutes. You can view the open positions currently available, but in order to apply for any of these positions you must register first, which includes choosing an account name and password, along with a few other details.

Once registered you are able to tap into not only government job openings in New York City, but there is also a separate listing of jobs that are outside of the city as well. Searching for vacant positions can be done using a basic or advanced search via the site’s NYC Careers Job Search page.

Additionally, you can upload your resume for employers to view and also sign up for the ‘saved search’ which will take your information job interests and generate a list of job opportunities that closely match your interests and skills.

There are eight separate government agencies that post employment opportunities on this site including the Department of Buildings, Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications and Financial Information Services Agency.

Some of the vacant positions require applicants to have taken the Civil Service Exam and on this website you can also find information about what the exam consists of, where you can take it and what the associated fees and deadlines are.

For more information about benefits of this site and to register so you can apply for jobs immediately visit


This website is perfect for those who wish to find gainful employment is a state job position. Unlike other sites that only list jobs for those who are already state employees or are military personnel, this site is open to the general public. Although many of the jobs require applicants to take and pass the Civil Service Exam, the site also has a listing of jobs available that do not require the applicant to have taken this exam. The site clearly outlines how employment hopefuls can apply for one or both types of jobs via their “How to Get a State Job” forum.

In the FAQ section you can also find all the information you need as well as the links about taking the Civil Service Exam including deadlines for the exam, associated fees and locations that offer testing.

The application process on this site does not require you to sign up or register for an account. Job searches are conducted by simply visiting the ‘Vacancies’ and ‘Search Vacancies’ tabs on the left hand side of the home page.

There you will find an exhaustive list of all the state jobs that have current openings and get information such as where the vacancy is located, whether it is full time, part time or contractual work, what the salary is and information about basic requirements you must have to apply.

Every job has multiple sections that you can review including ‘Basics’ ‘Location’ ‘Job Specifics’ and most importantly, ‘Contact.’ The contact section is where you want to go to find out where you should send your resume to or to get the contact information needed to apply.

There is also another helpful link ‘Other State Vacancies’ which provides all the links to every state agency that has current employment vacancies.

For more information visit

New York State Job Bank

This is a general job search website that lists government, state and private sector employment. The site requires you to register for an account if you intend to apply for any positions, but will allow you to search vacancies without an account.

Searching for jobs in your field can be done via a general search or you can search specific locations such as ‘military’ or ‘government.’ Job seekers can post their resume (with a registered account’ at no cost and since this site is for job seekers and employers, those who are looking for employees have the ability to view your resume and contact you if your skills match their needs. Thus, your job search on this site works overtime.

You can also access their plethora of Career Centers which have counselors who can additionally aid in your search for work. You will find this under the “Job seekers One Stop Career Centers” tab.

For more information or to register for an account for free visit

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